Our Process

We follow a comprehensive process to accelerate Entergy innovation.

1. Discover
What do our customers really need?

...and what "frictions" might be getting in the way? Listening is the key to learning. We interview customers, perform surveys, conduct ethnographic research, and study regulatory processes to get to the heart of what matters most to our customers.

2. Ideate
How can we solve our customers' challenges?  

We brainstorm ideas, invent, and reimagine to create the most effective, sustainable solutions to benefit our customers. Left and right sides of the brain are required. Collaboration with customers, partners, and colleagues is key.

3. Develop
How can the product deliver the most value to our customers?

...and how can we ensure that it’s both viable and feasible from a business perspective? We start by defining and developing an MVP (minimum viable product), complete with core features, that we continually analyze, assess, and test with customers. Next step: create a product vision and roadmap to align with our customers’ long-term needs.

4. Incubate
How do we bring this product to life for our initial customers?

We build it. We learn what's working and what's not by collaborating hand-in-hand with our customers. Then, we refine and rebuild - until we get it just right.

5. Commercialize
How do more customers experience the benefits?

It’s time to bring the product to a larger market, broaden the reach, expand the impact, and make the long-term vision a reality. We focus on operations and growth to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

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We’re looking for people who want to tackle complex problems through collaborative, inclusive, and customer-centric approaches. If you’re an entrepreneur, problem solver, tinkerer, or somewhere in between, check out our open positions below.

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