About Us

We're focused on what's next.

KSL Snapshot

Launched: 2019
Our vision: Powering lives now and for the next generation.
Our name: Inspired by the prolific inventor Benjamin Franklin
Our team: 25+ employees
Our home: New Orleans Warehouse District

Two team members reviewing information on computer screen.

Innovation is Who We Are.

KeyString Labs is the innovation lab at Entergy, committed to accelerating Entergy innovation for the benefit of our customers, community, employees, industry, and planet.

With sustainability top of mind, we collaborate to inspire and implement new ideas, products, and services for our 3 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers — across Entergy’s operating territories of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans, and Texas.

We are proactive, working side by side with our customers, colleagues, and communities to create powerful solutions that address both current and future challenges.

We have a startup mindset and diverse skill set, a dynamic innovation process, and customer-centric focus to inspire and implement sustainable, value-creating change.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, builders, and utility experts coming from diverse backgrounds who share a mission and a mandate to innovate on behalf of our customers, communities, and planet.